Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Red hair rambling

So I had to retouch my roots around 4 days ago... So as stated in my previous post. I used my Loreal Majicontrast in Magenta with Loreal 6% 20 vol developer. I started to notice a something a little different this time though. I still have a few dark strands running through my hair which never really bothered me too much until this dye. I guess it is because I have become progressively lighter through re-dye's with majicontrast. Well, lighter in the light area's. The dark strands just do not seem to lift. I guess they really stood out now that I'm a bit of a brighter red. (You don't really notice yourself getting brighter when it's slowly progressive so I will try and demonstrate what I mean.)

Please excuse the first picture, myself and my sister were suitably drunk for Christmas Eve. The lighting difference could be accounted as the reason why my hair looks so much brighter in the first photo:

...but I assure you, it has got brighter.
I don't know if I am being completely over analytical, but I prefer my hair colour in the first photo. I don't know why. I just prefer a deep wine, burgundy red. Brighter red I feel is a little too... 'look at me' for me, if that makes sense. Another evidential issue is that my hair no longer matches my lovely extensions, which I only bought around 2 months ago. So as you can tell from my ramblings, I want to do something about it.

Here is my plan:

 I need to try and lighten the remaining dark strands.

My lovely pal gave me some 30 vol 9% developer (stronger than 20 vol) and I have left over Majicontrast. So my plan is to brush over the stronger dye mix on solely the dark strands. I know it seems silly to lighten considering my overall aim is to go darker all over, but I want a more uniform colour result. I have read great thinks about protein fillers for this problem. Unfortunately, the one everyone raves about for red hair is not available in the UK. Sad face. :(

Hair colour is too bright to match extensions

I have two tubs of La Riche Directions semi permanent dye. One in Cerise, and the other in Vermilion red. These are darker than my usual crazy color's. I plan to mix the two together, apply to my hair after I have lightened the dark bits and then apply to my extensions.

I will do a post once I have carried out the aforementioned (either tonight or tomorrow) to keep you all updated on results. :) Fingers crossed.

**DISCLAIMER: I am not a hairdresser. All information and results regarding hair dye is solely my own experiences and preferences.


  1. Even though you're not a hairdresser you do know a lot it seems, which is good... and sweet of you to share with us. Haha, I'm horrible with hair and I really wish I knew more.
    The color looks really nice on you, one of my best friends had this color for the longest time and then she got married and changed it cause her husband hated it.
    But in Hungary, this color is all the rage :)

    1. Aw thank you! :) Its a very hard colour to keep but I do love it (when its nice and vibrant haha) How could her Husband hate it? Thats such a shame she had to change it :(. I have a Hungarian friend, but he has not seen me with this hair yet, let's see what he thinks! :) xx


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