Friday, 7 October 2011

A different take on 'skincare'

I was really reluctant to do a post on 'skincare' because I have to admit to you - I am really not the best with my skin. People say I have been blessed with 'good skin'. I don't necessarily think that's true, I just think people mean I do not/have not suffered from spots at any stage YET, and I really should have because I have had some horrific all nighters and I am admittedly nonchalant about skin care 'ROUTINEZ'. What I do suffer from time to time is a great amount of sensitivity, redness and dryness

I've tried the Clinique 3 step system out of interest and although it was lovely and I felt expensive, I believe it was more of a placebo than a huge difference. BUT saying that many swear by this range and other high end regimes and I definitely would not disagree. If it ain't broke, don't fix it - that's probably my motto and may be a justification as to why I don't really feel I need to use higher end stuff (and I really really cannot afford it anyway)

I think when it comes to skin care you just have to find something that works, continually works and stick with it. Every single person has different skin. A prime example is the difference between me and my two older sisters skin even though we share the same DNA. I've never had a 'big' spot. My eldest sister suffered from spots during the expected teenage years, they disappeared and now she only occasionally gets a breakout. My middle sister did not really suffer from spots at all until she hit her mid twenties and she now gets breakouts quite frequently. She has to be quite careful as to what she uses on them. Many of you may cringe but she has found the best thing to swiftly and consistently perform is washing morning and night with baby shampoo and applying Sudacrem afterward.

The reason I am stating this is because I would never want one of my posts to encourage someone to go out and buy similar products and to be disappointed if it just does not work with their skin and that could be quite probable. By all means, if your on the look to try new products then go ahead but if you have a skin care routine and products  that work, then its simple, stick with it. :)

Products I use and why

1. Eye makeup Remover

My skin care routine starts with removing my eye make-up. I used to not really see the point in eye make up removers and would just try and remove ALL my make-up with baby wipes but I realised it's so much EASIER to remove your eye make-up with a separate product when you wear as much as I do. I think this Asda Young Skin eye make-up remover cost me 99p from asda. I have to say, it does the job with a slight sting. I will not complain about it for the price it cost, but my favourite will always be Simple's eye make-up remover, which does not sting whatsoever.

I apply to cotton pads and remove eye make-up.

2. Baby Wipes

I am not really fussy about what baby wipes I use. At current I am using Asda Little Angels Pure & Mild Baby Wipes. I will generally go for anything that states pure, mild, sensitive, on the packaging due to the fact my skin is in fact very sensitive. I think these were no more than £2. Asda almost always has at least one offer on branded baby wipes:

I am currently waiting for the Johnson's Extra Care ones to come on offer as I stole some of my Mums and they made my skin feel so soft and clean!

I normally use two of these at a time to remove my 'face' make-up.

3. Distilled Witch Hazel

This bottle by Care + is the exact bottle I use. I purchased it from my hometown chemist for around £3.99 but I know many different brands sell distilled witch hazel, and I am not a believer it would make a great difference. In fact, I know it is sold much cheaper than what I paid for mine (Small store price banding tends to be much higher)

The main reason I got in to witch hazel was due to the fact I also use it as part of a make-up brush cleaner. (its has the same cleansing properties but is less harsh than alcohol which most homemade brush mixtures tell you to add)

A recent article published in the Independent entitled "Remedies for Summer" stated:

"It is a strong anti-oxidant and astringent, which makes it great for fighting acne. You can use daily as a skin cleanser, but depends on skin-type as for some it dries out the skin. Witch Hazel can also help with bruising, sores, cuts and swelling."

As previously stated, I suffer from dry skin and do not find this to be drying. I'm going to put it out there.. It smells HORRIBLE, but most of you know that things that taste nasty are the best for you, therefore my opinion is likewise in the case of the scent of skincare products.

I use this on cotton pads (after removing my face make-up with baby wipes)

4. Oilatum Junior Cream

I have been using this for quite a while now. It is around £5 and can be bought from Boots or Superdrug or any Chemist.

Oilatum provides products to suffers of dry itchy skin conditions or eczema, I am prone to both in the winter and find this to be the only product which alleviates it. I use the Junior version due to the fact I believe its very slightly less greasy than the adult version - but that could just again be a placebo. This is not a specific 'face cream' but I use it as a moisturizer even when my skin does not feel particularly dry as I don't feel it to be over whelming.

This may not be the case for individuals prone to breakout's. In fact, I do not think this product would be recommended whatsoever for that skin type. It does however, work perfeclty for me.

I apply an amount based on how dry my skin is feeling (big dollop if my skin is dry, small if it's feeling fine) after I have cleansed my skin with the aforementioned products.

So, that's about it guys. Very simple and cheap routine, but one that works. I think that's all any one is out there to find skinwise really.

Happy Friday everyone! :)

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