Saturday, 29 October 2011

Cheap brush cleaning

I haven't been particularly well off late so I just wanted to apologise for my lack of in depth post - this is due to the lack of in depth make-up I have been wearing. Been sporting a pasty faced/disheveled look. I could of done a tutorial on this.. but it would of consisted of:

Step 1 - Get ill
Step 2 - Get ill
Step 3 - Get ill.

I started back at uni full time so I have been knee deep in reading and work since day one. Lots of 9am starts.

Anyway, as I'm starting to feel a bit better now, I thought I would give my brushes a clean (don't want any yuck ill residue sporing on my brushes) SO I can tell you how I do so.

You can buy cosmetic brush cleaner from many places. Most high end cosmetic brands such as Clinique and Mac do them. In no way am I saying these brush cleaners are not great - The only problem is they are expensive! Until I become a big boss lady.. I have to make my own.

I use Real Technique's brushes which have fully synthetic bristles so I don't have to worry about shedding. You still have to make sure with any brush that you do not get beyond the bristles wet as it can damage the glue which holds the bristles in place.

To make my spot cleaner I mix:

  1. 1 part Witch Hazel
  2. 1 part Baby shampoo
  3. 3 part Mineral Water
Admittedly I don't go much by measurement. Its just a guess until I get the consistency I want. You obviously do not want a really bubbly, soapy brush cleaner that's going to leave a residue on your brush and prevent them from drying in their natural shape. If you are finding the mixture 'soapy' when you dip your finger in it, add more water.

As you have read from my skincare post, I use witch hazel to cleanse my skin. Much brush cleaner recipe's will tell you to use alcohol. Witch Hazel, I feel does the same job without the harshness.

I then transfer the mix in to an old spray bottle. To spot clean, I usually spray the brush with the cleaner and then swirl the brush until the excess make-up comes off on an old towel. If you spot clean, your brushes should dry within around ten minutes. If I do this after EVERY use then I normally deep clean my brushes about once a month. BUT.. 9am starts means brush cleaning isn't my top priority. 

To really clean them I use warm water and baby shampoo. I use my fingers to gently rub the brushes (you will see all the old make-up surfacing!) Keep doing this until the water starts to run clear. Squeeze out the excess water, reshape and leave them to dry naturally. If your like me and only own one set of brushes, you obviously have to plan when your going to give them a deep clean as they do take their time to dry. If you have applied your make-up for the day and know you have no plans for the evening which would need reapplication, do it in an afternoon and your brushes should be dry for the next morning. :)

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