Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Back to Uni - My ten minute face.

First of all, I want to apologise for my disgraceful lack of post recently. I’ve had the roughest couple of weeks EVER. I got pretty ill right before I started my fourth/honours year at uni which as I’m sure many of you know is HARD. So I have been readjusting my whole LIFE. Haha. I would also like to mention the fact I have been 'trying' to regrow my eyebrows after being a serial waxer for several years. I am 21 and there is now NO EXCUSE. Every girl that has been through this hideous phase of mid regrowth will understand why I have not wanted to show my face. Caterpillars.

So my purchases since I last blogged are all mentioned in this post, as most of them have become my ‘wee faves’. Been stocking up on MORE Collection 2000 (Still 3 for 2 at Boots ) 

Was also dying to see the hype with the Garnier Beauty Balm (A.K.A Miracle Skin Perfector) and managed to grab it while it was on intro offer in Superdrug. Think I got it for £8.99 instead of £9.99. The stuff is great. You could honestly wear it alone, but the longevity of make-up is so important to me so I always wear it with foundation also. My only criticism is the colour range. I purchased in the lightest option available which I have to admit is still slightly too dark for me. Extremely blendable though due to the fact is more similar to a tinted moisturizer, so don’t worry. No oompa loompas. Oh, and it smells ace. My boyfriend keeps asking what perfume I’m wearing and I’m like “Dude, its MA FACE!! SNIFF IT!!” :)

So I thought I would show ya’s how I’ve been wearing my new stuff by showing you the make-up I have been wearing to uni for the past two weeks. A lot of 9am starts and a lot of stress so I have been going for the LEAST stressful make-up ever. I will start by saying YET AGAIN, not everybody will see this as ‘daily make-up’ but I am a punky monkey. There. Justified. :)

If I make reference to a brush you are unaware of then check out my brush review and you should find it here.

Base - I started by using my Real Techniques buffing brush to buff my Garnier Beauty Balm in to my skin. I then used a very small amount of my much loved Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection in Vanilla just for a bit of back-up.

I'm not using any shadow with a huge amount of 'fall down' so I then powder using Collection 2000 Pressed Powder. Using a Real techniques contour brush I use my MUA bronzer (shade 2) to apply quite a heavy contour under my cheekbones. 

Using my previously used contour brush I use the smallest amount of Sleek Blush in Flushed to add a slight colour.

I fill in my brows using an Eco Tools angled brush, mixing Rimmel SpecialEyes eyeshadow in Dusk and a matte black shadow. (you usually get a matte black in most Sleek Palettes) Moving on to the eyes, I line both my top and bottom waterline with Bourjois Kohl and Contour eyeliner in Ultra Black.

I use a Real Techniques eyeliner brush and my Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner to draw on a thick flick worrying little about precision. (I am normally doing this make-up at 6.45am) BUT I am going to blend it through so it is pointless making it perfect.

Using my Real Techniques angled brush I draw right along the top seem of the flick and below the eye with my MUA bronzer I used previously (multi use products are the BEST at the time of the morning this make-up is done)

Using a Real Techniques shadow brush I blend blend blend everything through. Grungy.

I curl my lashes and apply as much Collection 2000 Big Fake Lash Mascara as humanly possible to both top and bottom lashes. If you think its enough - do one more coat, then maybe one more after that. :)

On my lipperz I do a quick coat of Collection 2000 Lasting Colour lipstick in Birthday Suit (I LOVEEEEE this lipstick!!) and blend through with my finger (don't want anything to pristine)

Then obviously the last step is to find your best Dennis the Mennis jumper, throw your hair on top of your head like marge simpson and pull a stupid face - then you too can expect some epic funny looks like me! Yay! :)


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