Monday, 5 September 2011

About Me

Hey, I'm Bronwyn.

I'm 21, I'm in my final year of Fashion Management at uni and.. quite controversial to my ACTUAL day to day personality, I am completely in love obsessed by beauty and makeup.

I never ever thought I would get into to this 'blog thing'.. but I am getting sick of sharing my beauty ecstasy's, rants and ramblings with my mum and two sisters. Its all fine and well when they are after some product/colour/look advice but I can gather, at most times.. they just wish I would shut up. Clearly - they don't share the same love for aesthetics as I do.. :)

So.. If you've read this far and you want to know a bit of background bronska, then here goes. To look at me, I'm going to say its evident I love appearance.. though probably not in a 'typical' sense. I have black hair, I love eyeliner, wearing my dads old jumpers (most of which are older than me) and have a borderline insane sense of humour.

Beauty and fashion go hand in hand; both in their genius and in their flaws. They are home to hostile stereotypes.. and that's something I am hoping to work with. I am well aware that the way I look doesn't 'float every one's boat' but what I wear both on my face and body, is a reflection of everything I have learnt and become in my 21 years.. Me.

Now you know me a bit better..:)

Bronska x

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