Tuesday, 6 September 2011

REVIEW: Real techniques brush line

For my first review I thought I would start with something holy grail to makeup - BRUSHES. Admittedly, I had never really paid much attention to makeup brushes until I started watching Pixiwoo on YouTube, whom I am sure you have all heard of! Most of the brushes I owned were Boots or Superdrug own branded brushes and Ecotools (Their angle eyeliner brush is an all time fave for my brows!), which were both incredibly great value for the quality. I suppose I should have figured that a picture painted with a cheap paintbrush isn't going to look as good as the same picture painted with quality brushes. The effect and longevity of a product can be greatly enhanced with the right tools.. and its exactly the same for makeup.

When Samantha Chapman of Pixiwoo brought out her 'Real Techniques' range I was ecstatic. Primarily because her online tutorials SHOWED the brushes being used in real time on a real face and the results were impressive. I was apprehensive of the price however. Both Sam and Nicola of Pixiwoo are very well known and successful PRO makeup artists and I thought this would be reflective in the price tag.. but I am always pleasantly surprised when it comes to Pixiwoo, the brushes are AMAZING value for quality.

All of the brushes have Taklon bristles, which is 100% synthetic and unbelievably smooth. They will not shed like real haired bristles. The brushes also boast colour coded handles, which are great for brush first timers. 
  1. Gold for base 
  2. Lilac for eyes   
  3. Pink for finish
I bought The Core Collection (brushes on the right of the picture) containing :
Detailer Brush
Pointed Foundation Brush
Buffing Brush
Contour Brush
I also bought The Starter Set (brushes on the left of picture) containing: 
Base shadow Brush
Deluxe Crease Brush
Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush
Brow Brush

Each set comes with its own panoramic brush case although I have put all my brushes in to one. These cases close but can also be used as a stand (as seen above) if you pull the toggle.

I can safely say for personal use, I need no more than what is pictured above. Many of the brushes are multi task meaning they can be used for a number of different stages in makeup. The case stops them getting ruined in your makeup bag. After using them for two days I am shocked at how much the longevity of my makeup has improved. My faithful Estee Lauder Double Wear Mineral Rich powder used to go down like water before I discovered the Buffing Brush. Take care of them and I guarantee you will not have to buy any more brushes for a very long time! :)

A true Investment: ***** Five star

Real Techniques brushes are available at: (UK)

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