Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Hiyas and Illamasqua

I had the Monday blues everyone, I am so sorry. As you can probably tell, my posts are quite a time consuming process - enjoyable for sure but I would rather whole hearted post than go swatch happy. And I'm not going to lie, I more than over did it on Friday night - slept in my make-up (Eeep!) and spent most of Saturday dying on the sofa trying to pull off the remnants of last nights TUBULAR mascara and not noticing I was pinging the bits at my boyfriend. Ew. I know. I am horrible! So anyway.. No one wants to see a make-up tutorial on joke the coal man. So.. Yeah.

This is what my make-up looked like on Friday, imagine what it looked like on my pillow the next day. SINFUL
As you can probably see, I definitely up the game a bit on a weekend, but who doesn't? I'm also in my make-up tee! You got to have a make-up tee! Along the similar lines of my day to day make-up.. just a bit more of this and a bit more of that. :) I did promise a post on my generic Friday make-up - although I actually want to do it on a Friday for realism so fingers crossed that should happen on Friday.

I also saw this lovely Illamasqua Theatre of the Nameless A/W 11 teaser, and thought the make-up was beyond beautiful. I had not had a particular 'play about' with make-up in a long time so decided to try and create something similar. It was lovely and fun but I decided to give my face a break from make-up or the rest of the day/night.

The hardest part was getting rid of the eyebrows with concealer! Sheesh!  
I hope everyone has had a nice weekend! :)

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